Agrindo Prima Lestari PT

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Jl Pantai Indah Slt Kompl Sentra Industri Terpadu PIK Tahap III Bl F/27

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PT AGRINDO PRIMA LESTARI, a duly established company since January 27, 1997. The company supplies industrial goods such as machines and spare parts to the palm oil and general industry including it's maintenance and services. Being one of the growing companies, PT AGRINDO PRIMA LESTARI has committed to supply varies goods and services at the very best price along with the support from its principals. We truly believe that our customer's trust is the main assets of the company, therefore with its commitments and high dedication of the marketing division as well as technical support, the company would be able to provide its excellent services for customers' satisfaction. Our marketing and technical support will be ready in helping the customer should there is any problem with our product or services. At the moment, PT AGRINDO PRIMA LESTARI has enlarged its business relation with among 15 principals who have committed to work together and expanded its business by opening 2 branches ( Surabaya - East Java and Banjarmasin - South Kalimantan ) in order to provide better services to its customers. This is one of the evidence that PT AGRINDO PRIMA LESTARI is able to compete in this technology and industrial era through its high dedication and commitment.

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