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PT. Bhinneka Bajanas was established over three decades in October 1977. As one of the first High Grade Steel distributors in Indonesia, our objective was to cater for various local and multinational industries. Over the years we thrived and reached the objective.
As Böhler sole agent for Indonesia market, we focus in Bohler High Grade Special steel products with consistent quality of european standards. Böhler High Grade Steel is characterised by integrated production: all production steps from the choice of raw materials, melting and forming to machining and delivery are carried out in-house. For our customers, that translates into a high level of quality and reliability.
In order to improve customer satisfaction and service level, we provide our High Grade Steel with International standard In house facility. Including cutting, heat treatment and machining facility with consistent quality.
Other than High Grade Steel, we also provide Bohler Welding electrodes together with group brands including: UTP -welding filler metals, Soudokay-flux core wires, Fontargen-industrial welding & bronzing and Avesta-welding for stainless steel.
We are proudly to provide the best quality for Welding Application with Merkle welding machines from Germany. Merkle has set itself apart as one of the world leaders in the production of welding machines and welding technology. Today, Merkle have become the leading provider of high quality welding, cutting and automated solutions.
Our highest attention is being paid to service and technical support, which constitutes an internal part of our activities. We are continously improving customer satisfaction by providing the best metalurgy support from our experience Engineer. Our highly qualified team understand all aspects of technical support and are dedicated in providing a range of tailored products and services.
Today, deriving from more than 35 years of experience, we are continuously improving ourselves. In order to provide better service level, we attend closer to you by opening more than 10 branch offices in Indonesia’s most prominent industry centers.

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