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"Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) remained the fourth Asian classification agencies after Japan, China and Korea, and the only one national classification agency in charge of making a classification of Indonesian flagged and foreign flagged commercial vessels regularly operating in Indonesian waters.

BKI has been conducting the vessel classification based on hull construction, machinery, and electricity installation, in a bid to evaluate vessel’s merit to sail. In addition, BKI has been entrusted by the Government to conduct surveys and statutory certifications in the name of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, inter alia, Load Line, ISM Code and ISPS Code Certifications.

BKI was established by implementing technical standards in the activities of design and construction as well as maritime surveys related to floating facilities, including vessels and offshore construction. These standards were prepared and issued by BKI as technical publications. A vessel designed and built based on the BKI standards would obtain a Classification Certificate issued by BKI after BKI completed a set of requisite classification surveys.

As an independent Classification Agency which was self-regulatory, BKI had no interest in commercial aspects related to the design, building, ownership, operation, management, maintenance/repair, insurance or leasing of the vessel. BKI also conducted research and development for the purpose of enhancing technical quality and standards which were published to the stakeholders of vessel classification services.

Considering the increasing activities and development, as well as the promising business prospect, in 1977, as owner, the Government then changed the BKI status into a limited company or PT (Persero), in a bid to make it more independent in running the business.

This status was legalized through issuance of Government Regulation No.1/1977 regarding the Change in the Status of Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia from a State-owned into a limited company or PT (Persero).

BKI was established to minimize the Indonesian foreign exchange for the inspection services of domestic vessels and to support the independence of the Indonesian maritime industry. BKI, supported by cooperation with Germansicher Lloyd, Germany, has been currently a major national classification agency. Until now, in addition to the Classification services, BKI has developed its business activities in the field of Consultancy and Supervision services.

BKI, with its headquarters located in Jakarta, has a network of branches in major ports throughout Indonesia and Singapore. BKI also has established cooperation with Foreign Classification Agencies, both in the form of Mutual Representative and Dual Class.

To serve as a basis in managing the Company, especially in implementing the missions and tasks, the Company upholds several principles as follows:

Prioritize the service quality based on high commitment to safety issues;
Keep improving the quality of the Company’s Human Resources consistently and sustainably;
Quick respond to the updated science and technology, especially those related to the safety of vessels and production equipment in the fields of oil and gas, mineral, coal and geothermal, labors, industry and transportation.

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