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Main Markets
mapOur primary products, such as cocoa butter, cocoa cake and cocoa powder, are sold to reputable traders, chocolate industries, and food manufactures world wide. Some of our export markets include the United States, Netherlands, France, Spain, England, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Iran, China, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. In this rapidly changing global environment, we continue, to focus on further diversifying our costumer base by expanding our market reach to other parts of the world.

Through the years, we have serviced a wide range of customers from different regions. In doing so, we have gained valuable knowledge and experience in meeting each customer’s specific product needs. Our efficient size and flexible production set-up also serves as a great advantage as they enable us to produce a wide range of cocoa products which includes tailor made cocoa products for certain valued customers. As an example, we are able to produce various grades of cocoa powder with different characteristics for specific customers.

Commitment to Efficiency
Each step of our manufacturing process is supervised by highly capable and experienced personnel. The process starts with the careful selection of well developed cocoa beans. The selected beans then go through several processes starting with the cleaning process, where impurities are removed. The cleansed beans are then dried and go through the separation and winnowing process wherein the shells are separated from the nibs. The cocoa nibs are then treated, roasted, and ground into cocoa masse. The cocoa masse is first conched, then is later pumped into our cocoa presses where the cocoa butter is extracted. The extracted butter goes through further refining as it is filtered and tempered into pure prime pressed cocoa butter. On the other end, the hardened cocoa cake is reduced to kibbles and is either packaged as cocoa cake or is further processed and pulverized into various types of cocoa powder.

Commitment to Quality
qualityTo further ensure that all products meet the highest quality standards set by our valued customers, we utilize a proficient and scientific laboratory to oversee quality control. The laboratory is equipped with a full range of precision instruments and is run by highly qualified and experienced Quality Assurance personnel. Stringent quality control procedures are applied throughout the entire production process. Sampling is methodically done at each stage and the collected samples are thoroughly checked in order to determine quality at any given section. Unique production codes are also stamped on each product to ensure easy reference and traceability. To reinforce our standards of high quality, production samples are also periodically sent to reputable laboratories overseas for third-party testing.

Commitment to Relationships
Placing importance on what is essential, we pride ourselves in the quality of our business relationships. Form multinational traders to localized traders, chocolate conglomerates, and specialized chocolate factories, we constantly strive to apply the same special attention to each and every customer. Each relationship is a clear example of a business bond built on trust, dependability, and long term commitment. Throughout its long history of successfully weathering the various cycles of the cocoa industry, PT. Cocoa Ventures Indonesia has become known as a sturdy and reliable business partner. We believe in growing together and in PT. Cocoa Ventures Indonesia, you have a steadfast partner for the present and the future

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