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PT IndoSkill was formed in 2004 by an Indonesian & Australian joint venture, after extensive research revealed an opportunity for a service & supply company to provide the kind of professional outcomes expected by the mining and oil & gas sectors.

PT IndoSkill through it’s JV realize there will always be cultural diversities and differences not only in providing a safe working environment but also in delivering International expectations, whether it be providing hands on services or supplying local and imported products to cater for both local and international customers, understanding this itself, has proven to be the difference between PT IndoSkill and it’s competitors.

PT IndoSkill, has through it’s experience and flexible operating systems grown from a handful of employees in 2004 to currently over 50 permanent employees and a data base of over 200 flexible multi skilled workers available at call.

PT IndoSkill has a comprehensive product range which through experience provides both quality and cost effective solutions to all sectors of mining, all products supplied are wholly supported and can be expertly installed by IndoSkill and are proven throughout Indonesia and internationally.

PT IridoSkill is now the fIrst choice for many local and International businesses and has proven to be resilient to the ebbs and flows to what is the mining rollercoaster,

IndoSkill PT adalah bisnis yang bergerak di bidang Mesin Konveyor/Pengantar - Suku Cadang & Pasokan . Binis ini terletak di lokasi Jl Mulawarman 33 RT 033 . Anda juga dapat menghubungi bisnis ini melalui telepon di nomor 0542765403 atau kunjungi situs

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