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"In year 2004, Jindal Stainless Ltd took over Stainless Steel division of PT. Maspion, Indonesia to ensure a strong presence in this fast growing nation. PT. Jindal Stainless Indonesia (PT. JSI) is the only producer of Stainless Steel in Indonesia. It is an internationally certified organization – ISO 9001:2008: Quality Management System, AD 2000 W0: Pressure Equipment (Germany), PED/97/23/EC: Pressure Equipment (EU), which is capable of producing all the cold rolled grades – 200, 300 and 400 series - of stainless steel.

At the time of takeover, total capacity of PT. JSI cold rolling plant was 60,000 MT per year and a running production of around 1800 MT per month. In a span of 9 years, the plant has evolved into a 150,000 MT per year capacity and a running production of around 10,000 MT per month. After taking over the facility, in 2005, significant upgrade and revamping of electrical system of Z-1 Rolling mill from analogue to Digital drive and PLC was done. In 2006, PT. JSI started to plan for capacity upgrades to 150,000 MT.

In 2007, Bright Annealing line and Z-Mill 2 projects started along with tension leveling line upgrade to handle all the grades – 200, 300 and 400 series. In year 2008, Z-Mill 2 and Bright Annealing line got commissioned. Project started for slitting line 2 and in-house facility for roll grinding was installed in association with Atlas, Canada. In 2009, the first Bright Annealed product was launched in market. In the same year focus on quality was increased to become real global player. New RO plant commissioned to improve efficiency of degreasing area of Annealing-Pickling Line& Bright Annealing Line and thus improve quality standards.

Quality Lab was upgraded with the addition of new state-of-the-art spectro-analyzer to meet international quality standards. To cater wide market range, so a second Cut-to-Length line was installed. To spur innovation and awareness among employees, knowledge Centre and training facilities were developed. At the same time for dissemination of knowledge among customers and other stakeholders, information portals such as, www.j4stainless.com was launched. In the year 2012, a greater emphasis was put on R&D and product development activities. Several new grades were developed to cater to new segments such as Automobiles and Architecture. Quality of existing grades was improved and new methods were developed to increase productivity without compromising quality. In this year the production has already crossed the sentimental mark of 10,000 MT per month.

PT. JSI improved its capacity but has also increased its product range through process innovation and research. Presently, we are capable of producing 200, 300 and 400 series grades in almost all finishes such as, full hard, half hard, three-quarter hard, quarter hard, bright annealed, Dull Low Tempered (DLT), Dull High Tempered (DHT), #4, #3, Hairline, Anti-fingerprint (Rough type), 2B, 2D and many other custom made finishes depending on customer requirement. PT. JSI has a large gamut of grades to choose from such as 430, 439, 436L, 445, 410S, 409L, 409M, 310S, 321, 304, J4, JSL AUS, 204CU etc. In addition to these general grades we have tailor-made grades for specific applications such as JSL-D2 – a 200 series grade with excellent deep draw quality and attractive price, J4-Deep Draw, High Elongation 430, Low ridging 430 etc.

PT. JSI has an impressive domestic-Indonesian market share of 60% and a major player in Southeast Asian market. We supply to almost all the market segments in Southeast Asia – Automobiles, Utensils, Fabrication, Pipes and Tubes, Palm Oil etc. A strong customer support to the extent of process adaptation and improvement has made PT. JSI a market leader in Southeast Asian region within a span of 8 Years."

Jindal Stainless Indonesia PT adalah bisnis yang bergerak di bidang Baja Antikarat - Produsen 1dan Pengekspor; Eksportir . Binis ini terletak di lokasi Jl Alfa Raya Kawasan Industri Maspion 5 . Anda juga dapat menghubungi bisnis ini melalui telepon di nomor 0313959565 atau kunjungi situs www.jindalstainless.com

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