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Starting as a family business dealing in can making industry, the management of SMB Group has it vision of packaging industry in Indonesia. With the fast growth of industry in Surabaya, the management has decided to build its first business line which is not to far from the core business they have. Corrugated Carton Box is the answer to supply the fastest growing demand for packaging in Indonesia.

SMB Group began its first corrugated carton box factory in 1973. Since then, it has continuously been diversifying its line of business from sector of manufacturing, paper mill factory, trading to hospitality industry.

At this moment, the factory of PT. Surabaya Meka Box produces Corrugated Carton Box, Medium and Kraft liner Paper, Strapping Band, Can and Nail Wire.

PT. Samudra Mahkota Beach as subsidiary company of Surabaya Meka Box was established in 1988 by building its first 100 rooms hotels in Tanjung Benoa Bali known today as Klub Bali Mirage Hotel.

As the business grew bigger in 1993 the company started to build another hotel facility in which the location is next to each other a beautiful 312 rooms hotel known as Grand Mirage Hotel.

At the same time a Thalasso Center is also being established. Today Mirage Resorts are well known all over the world for its service and friendly touch.

Each of its line of business of SMB Group possesses a record of prominent achievements in its respective field.

Each has established a solid base in the world economy and made significant contributions to Indonesian economic development and prosperity.

Blending with its years of experience and established company, each of SMB enterprises are confident to be able to meet every challenge in order to participate in the era of globalization.

Come to the 21st century where the globalization era for the world, SMB Group still hold the spirit and philosophy of dedication and supporting its government programs.

Environment Protection

PT. Surabaya Meka Box is also committed to environment protection, and has installed waste water treatment plant to ensure the preservation of the rich and diverse ecological environment of Indonesia.


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