Wingoh Albindo PT

Jl. Faliman Jaya No.22, Jurumudi Baru, Tangerang City, Banten, Indonesia

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Business Profile PT. Wingoh Albindo, started in 1992 with the purpose of suppliying plastic components for the industry and constructing technologically advanced moulds. The continuous technical and technological updating, the constant commitment to satisfy all demands coming from a clientele more and more different and demanding, have brought the company to acquire this knowledge that allows it to operate in the most diverse industrial sectors: electric parts, commercial parts, house ware and electronics industries. The course undertaken to reach quality of the products and satisfaction of the client brings the company going to acquire the ISO 9002 certification (Systems of Quality). 2000, an important year for WINGOH ALBINDO, it put itself directly on the market with a series of objects for the bathroom that characterized each other technically as well as aestherically. A quick look at production and you realize that all the objects have been carefully studied to conjugate Function and Form, Practicality and Elegance, like the “Ingo” liquid soap dispenser where its particular profile, a continuous curve, the absence of corners on the sides and base make it easy for cleaning. Particular attention has been paid in the choice of materials used for the production of these objects to make them safe to use, respecting a rigorous set of rules in this sector. Our biggest aspiration is for you to hand touch our quality, we like to think that from the “warmth” of the object you can understand how much and what ability is needed to make a “simple plastic thing” such as a soap dispenser, hanger, spoon/forks

Wingoh Albindo PT adalah bisnis yang bergerak di bidang Plastik . Binis ini terletak di lokasi Jl. Faliman Jaya No.22, Jurumudi Baru, Tangerang City, Banten, Indonesia . Anda juga dapat menghubungi bisnis ini melalui telepon di nomor 0215407234

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