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SPENCER Centrifugal Blowers
Since 1892, the Spencer Turbine Company has specialized in innovative solutions for air and gas handling challenges. Spencer’s product line includes single and multistage centrifugal blower, gas boosters, central vacuum system, mobile vacuum unit, separators and regenerative blower with capacity up to 50,000 ICFM, pressure to 28 psig, power up 2,000 hp, vacuum pressure up to 19 ”hg, temperature to 1,100 ºF. The products are available in standard model as well as in custom designs.
Spencer offers a variety of seal to meet broad application, such as labyrinth seal, single carbon ring, double carbon ring, single mechanical seal and double mechanical seal, Beside the carbon steel with aluminum impeller as the standard material, Spencer can make the blower with special alloys and special coating for the corrosive gas application. Spencer can supply blower that comply with API standards for petrochemical plants and refineries.


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