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SANDPIPER Air & Gas Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps - USA
Warren Rupp, Inc., the world's leader in diaphragm pumps, produces SANDPIPER air & gas operated double diaphragm pumps as well as Phoenix high pressure, up to 250 psi (17 bars) for filter press.
Warren Rupp, Inc. has the most complete range of pump applications. It is the only manufacturer to have innovated types of check valves (ball and flap) for handling different types of liquids.
SANDPIPER pumps are air & gas operated double diaphragm pumps, with capacities up to 988 l/min, and pressures up to 8.8 barg. The simple design and operation offer many advantages over other types of pumps:
Sealless with no motor
  Variable flow
  Optional porting
  Run dry without damage
  Explosion proof
  ESADS, lube free and guarantee non-stall.

Warren Rupp, Inc. has developed the pumps to meet UL 79 Standard for diaphragm pumps, handling flammable fluids. It also has the new products, which have the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification compliant pumps for operation using sweet or sour natural gas. The pumps are also compliant with NACE Standard MRO 175/ISO 15156. Most of the Warren Rupp pumps conform to ATEX 100a. ATEX is the common name for certain EC (European Community) directives relating to the use of equipment in potentially explosive environments. SANDPIPER pumps are Quality System ISO 9001 certified and Environmental Management System ISO 14001 certified.

The air & gas operated double diaphragm pumps are ideal for viscose and abrasive liquids, or whenever the user would like to avoid mechanical seal or packing, SANDPIPER is the answer. 


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