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Herumindset memberikan layanan Knowledge sharing. Baik sebagai Pembicara, Narasumber, atau Applied Motivator.

Berikut Avaibility of schedule Herumindset:

January 2019____FULL BOOKED

Febuary 2019____2 (Five) date of day AVAILABLE

March 2019_____ 4 (Three) date of day AVAILABLE

April 2019_______FULL BOOKED

May 2019 and above would be annouced

* Jadwal diupdate 1x per hari kerja.

* Jadwal diatas confirmed, Adapun pembatalan sepihak oleh client, tidak dapat mengembalikan tanda jadi yang sudah disepakati sebelumnya.

* Client dapat merevisi pemilihan Professional Herumindset, dengan pemberitahuan paling lambat 5 hari sebelumnya. Kami memiliki 2 Professional:

1. Heru Haryanto, S.E., M.M.
+ International & National Qualified.
+ 8 years Experienced
+ Specialized in Mindsetting, NLP, Self & Mind Development, Peningkatan Kualitas Hidup, .
+ Awarded from Gov. of Indonesia for 25 years of Integrated Performance
+ Serious Kind of person
+ Highly Incredibly Knowledge person
=== Best choice to handle middle-high class & High educated people, Private training, and Self Development (Phobia, Non Smoking, etc)
~~~ not recommended to handle child - teen aged.

2. Mrs Heru (Ibu Yuli)
+ National Certified
+ 13 Years ++ Experienced as Psychology Practitioner
+ Highly Joy & Funny kind of Person
+ Tons of experiences in handling and managing indidually until Organization based psychology related to
=== Best Choice for Kid, Parenting, Family, or organization. We can say that she is born to be fun and to be lovely parent.
~~~ not recommended for highly educated or Top Executive client.

We highly recommended our client to choose one of them depends of the audience type.


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